• Gr8Kodr

    Rather than messing up current pages under construction (Characters and it's child pages), I'm going to collate the entire Japanese Gallery translation on my SMW sister Wiki and make the Image sets available for download there.

    Once the translations are completed, I will continue to update the Characters Gallery here

    As of Jan 17, 2014 there are  2034 Japanese Characters, I have not yet finished mapping them to thier English counterparts as I am doing this visually.

    By collecting all available Japanese thumbnails, I'm hoping it will make identifying images for newly released English cards much simpler, and in many cases the images will hopefully already be available.

    I will be saving 100x100 thumbnails as well as 240x300 card images where poss…

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  • MetalHarpey

    Best Cards to Keep

    December 12, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    As my maximum of Cards is quickly piling up I'm thinking to myself, what are the best cards to keep?

    Of course, those that are Rare and above - you always keep! Also, the ones with a Skill you'd want to keep. 

    But how about those awfully easily obtainable Normals - that you've already maxed out (evolved max), and filled into the Archive. 

    I was wondering, what would you do?

    If your card max. is nearing, which ones will you use to Enchant your better cards? Will you use the Normals you maxed out? Or other ones? Please tell me, it might make my decision somewhat easier...

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  • Drakeraenes

    ok so on your new format of witch commander (WC) you show the min/max for each form of the card. what i would like to know is for the 2nd, 3rd, & final forms, are the numbers posted based off of a card that was evolved as a non-enhanced using the bare minumum necessary to achieve (a ++ being 3 unenhanced WC all evolved together as they were for example) or were they based off of maxed out evolutions (same senario, only maxed out)? and also, do you happen to have the numbers for say the popular evolution strategies, such as a 4-2, 6-2, 4max, 6max, and 8max? any and all numbers concerning it would be helpful, and i would also recommend that if you do use the WC format as the new standard to possibly include what evolution strategy the number…

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  • Drakeraenes

    Big Update?

    September 20, 2012 by Drakeraenes

    So I've been checking out this page and it is really in-depth and all, but one thing that is bugging me is some of outdated info on various pages. Perfect example: the Quest page. It only shows up to quest 33 and no farther, when the game clearly already goes beyond that point. I'm pretty well versed in the game considering I have had to learn everything on my own and only just recently started to use websearches to look up information, but there is a lot on here that could use some much needed updating. Any chance of seeing that in the near future?

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  • Belsford

    SR/SS/HR and up cards

    September 1, 2012 by Belsford

    woundering if anyone out there could shed some light on how to get these higher lvl cards. ive been exchanging my fp's but am not getting anything near what alot of ppl have. do i need to buy rage medals or participate in up coming events. i thought my cards were alright and have the basic idea on evolving/enhancing cards but it seems the cards im getting are not worth it. any feed back is appericiated thanks for the help and have fun.

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  • Bahumut5

    Although I believe its awesome we get this many events, it does not exactly make the work for us editors easy, now does it? (glares at the other admins).

    Seriously though, its quite hard trying to find the cards being rewarded, "guess" what cards will be obtainable in what way (judging from a lot of clues though, so although some minor edits will follow, I'd say my guess is very close to the actual thing). Not to mention the damned names. Seriously, I have these cards and their names now appearing in my nightmares. Its just so aweful... what name belongs to what card? Wait, you mean to tell me that card portraits the wife of that person on the other card? An Anime God... Seriously?

    Yup, its not easy....

    In other news though, I am thinking of …

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  • AleximMose


    May 13, 2012 by AleximMose

    I'm glad to see people editing this now. I started pretty much by myself.

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  • Bahumut5

    Translation = hard :(

    April 28, 2012 by Bahumut5

    Well, I finally finished my personal project, so I could focuss on updating the wikia again. So here I was, thinking: Lets continue translating all the cards I have (I got all data from multiple Japanese sites seeing as the game is original Japanese) and try to find if the image shown makes sense with real folklore legends.

    Now, this sounds easy and all, but the creators of this game are geniusses. They don't make half-arsed cards, and really know their legends. For example, if I see a name in Japanese with a picture of a dragon on it, which increases its heads as it evolves, I don't really instantly think of the Romanian folklore which discribes a dragon with "x" heads and representing evil to be that specific card. Not to mention that som…

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  • Bahumut5

    Well, Another day and another "lets spend way too much time trying to find new leaks for cards" night for me. But I guess its not so bad. At least I now have the pictures for ALL CARDS POSSIBLE (even the ones who won't get in game until the Christmas Event). Ill upload them all as possible.

    As some might have noticed (I am not sure how many people actually visit the Wikia), I updated the Event Page to reflect the new Cards for this Event. All the Cards have been added to the Wikia as well (Please note that some info is still missing, like the Quote and the "actual" data). In other news, I completely removed the "Archive" option from cards! You see, browsing all these card images, trying to find names with them and then uploading them (btw, …

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  • Bahumut5

    Work work work

    April 23, 2012 by Bahumut5

    Well, another evening past and I notice a few more people appearing to come and help. Of course, this also means for me that I find out about new stuff all the time my self as well! Now, although I am not sure if this should be joy or not, I decided to look at all the changes people are making. When I was looking at all the quests, I decided to fill in the empty spots (as I know all the cards awarded till quest 37, and the game doesn't even "officially" go past Quest 25, so imagine all the new cards waiting for you!), and I decided: This could be easier.... Now, here are some of the changes some people might have noticed by now:

    • I changed the Card Template. What does this mean? It basically means that adding a new Card to the Wikia will be …
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