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Every now and then, there will be an event in the Rage of Bahamut game where players can win special limited edition prizes. These Events can be Player v/s player based, or quest based.

Player vs Player[]

Usually, the Player vs Player events are played on a large scale. This means that it usually involves fighting other orders with your own order rather than defeating as many random people as possible. By winning such a battle, your order will earn points and you yourself (depending on your activity in the battles) will earn Personal Points as well. At the end of the Event, there will be a total ranking of both Players and Orders and people will receive rewards for both their Personal Ranking, as well as their Order Ranking.


Quest Events are special Quests during the event where the player has to fight his way through hordes of enemies to defeat a boss. By continuing this way, a player can be rewarded with the following:

  • Points
  • Cards
  • Treasures

The points are used to buy yourself special Card Packs created for the event, and the Treasures are only available during the event and can be traded for special event cards.

Current & Upcoming Event[]

Please note that the upcoming events, although they will happen, might happen under a different name. If this would be the case, the event page will be corrected as soon as possible.

Current Event[]

Upcoming Events[]

  • Dungeon of Delusions 1 AM 2015-06-14

List of Past Events[]

Here you will find a list of past events, and details regarding the events.
The rewards for these events are no longer obtainable for people who joined after the event had finished.